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Dear Johnny, I Applaud Your Social Media Exit

by Prairie Goth



I write a letter with my voice to the wonderful Johnny Unicorn in response to episode #21 of the Johnny Unicorn Show. Johnny's episode is titled, "Leaving Facebook / Untweeted Tweets." Johnny Unicorn creates music under his own name, as well as under the name Zorznijor. I appeared on episodes 14, 15 and 16 of the Johnny Unicorn Show.

Because this episode is nearly entirely unedited, I have a few important corrections & clarifications. In the first couple minutes, I refer to Johnny as being the guest of the Johnny Unicorn Show. Of course, he is the host rather than the guest. Howe ever, I like to think that he is occasionally both the guest and the host since he sometimes records solo episodes.

Second, although I was speaking about myself as being a trans woman who does not menstruate, I don't mean to imply that no trans women menstruate. It's very important to me to always recognize that we — my trans siblings — are not a monolith, and I'll discuss this on an upcoming episode. People are exceptionally diverse, and there are many different ways to experience being trans and to experience being a woman. Bodies are cool! If you want to talk to me about this, please reach out!

Third, "Most" is a song from Zorznijor's album The Most.

Lastly, a small clarification just because: The "dropouts" I'm experiencing in my ears only happen one ear at a time, as in the left but not the right. It's a huge, momentary loss of frequency, as if a low pass filter was flipped on at, maybe, 4 kHz. It sucks.

More info, along with a delightfully bad rush transcript, can be found on



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Prairie Goth Bismarck, North Dakota

Sad trans girl throws a trash party. Moonrise conversations, sonic science experiments, and the most toxic poetry the great plains has ever seen. Hail Satan!

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