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Pleasure Barfing with the Plurals

by Prairie Goth



“Everything that we have to live with is like, stuff that we made up as kids.”

— Tommy

Today on the show, we’re joined by the Plurals from Lansing, Michigan. Hattie, Nich and Tommy put out their first album in 2008 on their label, GTG Records. Since 2011, they’ve been doing DIY, self-booked tours around the United States at least twice a year. The Plurals have known each other since they were teenagers, which is wild! It was a Rich & Rare™ opportunity to talk to such an experienced band, so I had a lot of fun picking their collective brain.

Playing shows on the road for a decade gives you a lot of time to gather up what is one of my favorite storytelling genres: tour nightmares. The Plurals share three excellent nightmares on today’s episode:

My Girl & I Are Done With Our Room
The Baseball Bat
Coke Daddy

Coke Daddy is the “perfect promo piece” for their new album, Swish, which has a song of the same name.

This episode was recorded in August, 2017 in a hotel room in Minot, ND during Why Not Fest. Apologies for the sound quality, which is sometimes a little effed up.


released October 7, 2017

Topics discussed include: Hamm’s beer, puking, brunch, sex toy stores, Saturday night’s Why Not Fest house show, midwest boundaries, Crab Legs, Pass the Flask, cannibalism, Phil Collins, Ionia, Portland, Lansing, Michigan, Weezer, Pixies, Drinking Mercury, City Mouse; the collective & democratic nature of songwriting & arrangement, especially when you’ve known your bandmates since you were a teenager; “Clowns”; weekend tours since 2007, full tours since 2011; the Ramones stuck around & hated each other, Bono can’t play guitar live with U2 since his bicycle accident apparently, Brian Eno, All That You Can’t Leave Behind, death consciousness, Salt Lake City, Utah, Maine, Idaho, Wyoming; Paul Westerberg, Dinosaur, Jr; touring twice a year, making friends on tour, getting older, Facebook Memories, groceries, plants, flexible jobs, cover gigs at bars are a prank on the audience, tour tips, health, nutrition, exercise, sleep, punk houses, camping in Montana, motion sickness, sleeping in the car, favorite cities and types of venues, Minneapolis, San Pedro, Trenton, Jacksonville, DIY spaces, the Sanctuary in Detroit; money for draft beer, no money for the band; dive bars with regulars who are into it, tour nightmares, LaPlace, Slidell, Louisiana, Hurricane Katrina, flood damage, van broke down, sketchy hotel, barricaded door, cockroaches, burnt spoon, angel in a cowboy hat, gas in your carburetor, the mechanic who did lights for a Blind Melon tour and was apparently Shannon Hoon’s roommate, too obscure to be a lie, the baseball bat in Trenton, face wounds bleed way worse than they look, mosh pits, partying, Joe, Dale, Bill, Nashville, Burn Burn Burn, like an extra in a Rancid music video, neck brace, Taylor Swift, stand-up comedy, ju jitsu, peer pressure sucks, Rich & Rare, garbage butt whiskey, edgelords, sometimes dead is better, Swish, 4th record, recorded at Omni Sound in Nashville, Jewel, GTG Records, GTG100, g2g, gotta go, chatspeak, 100 releases, Good Time Gang, Johnny Unicorn is a genius and a top-tier friend, Nora on the Johnny Unicorn Show, Johnny on Prairie Goth.


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Prairie Goth Bismarck, North Dakota

Sad trans girl throws a trash party. Moonrise conversations, sonic science experiments, and the most toxic poetry the great plains has ever seen. Hail Satan!

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