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Vanity Plate & Robert Kramer

by Prairie Goth



Last August, Vanity Plate and the Juniper Drive came on the podcast after their summer tour. This year, we're doing it again: Jazmine, Zach, Blake, Connor and Robert give me the rundown on their tour to the east coast. We talk about stopping to piss in Indiana, playing to like ten people in Brooklyn, and how no one pays attention to acoustic musicians. Also, food. We talk a bunch about food.

You can hear Vanity Plate's new record, Not Cool, on their Bandcamp. Robert Kramer's debut solo album is up on his Bandcamp — but at the time of publishing this, his new tour tape isn't available on his website. Message him on Facebook and I bet he'll get you one.

We talk about a boatload of junk on this episode, including previous travels to the east coast, the solo Jaz tour, playing shows for no one, Free Truman, Tigernite, the Moog factory, fanny packs, Reverb, a group apology to Indiana, tractors, Popeye's, Outdoor Velour, Brooklyn, the Statue of Liberty, Dani Raccoon and Anna, driving in New York, passive aggressive midwest motorists, NYC apartments, guarantors, Idaho Green, free jazz, Ocarina of Time, Donny Jensen, Gold Sounds, Red Raven Coffeehouse, Blue Rider bar, the Aquarium, audience sizes, Kenny the cab driver, Kevin Lopez, Grampfather, Hilip the sound guy, what's the point?, no one cares, tour theory, local food, pizza, bagels, water taxis, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway, Book of Mormon, Ample Hills Creamery, unsolicited advice, Thai food, the Liberty Bell, John Barry (Father of the Navy, Son of a Bitch), Niagara Falls, Good Shade, Puberty Wounds, Pleasure Wounds, hand pans, Saraz, Echo's Answer, Josh and Marie Rivera, synth face, tour crud, modular synths, Fairlight CMI, Tears for Fears, Gizmo Genius, Chris Brown, tour health, acetominophen, Roy aka the Very Nice Interesting Singer Man, existential crises, migraines, fiber, Steve Roggenbuck, the vegan train, slamming the 'banzos, bug salads, baby grill, mansions, lakes, waterfalls, Gold Beach, Taste of Galesburg, the Apple store, Dunkirk, woof, Morris, Minnesota, the Platform playing acoustic shows, Bop It, why doesn't anbody listen to me?, furniture music, Nameless Cave, the Darning Hearts, Rapid City, Evan, puppets, bad actors, Bismarck, Rhythm Records, Side B, Al Gore, Algorillathym, Why Not Fest, the future, Blake's moving and quitting bands, Josh Thornton sold his drums and is going to school, Parlor Voice, fuck Trump, fuck Confederate flags, Mountain Goats, Rory Donovan, Witch Watch, the Terror Pigeon Surround Sound Lay Down, Many Months Left, Mineral Rights, Mr. Dad.


released August 11, 2017


all rights reserved



Prairie Goth Bismarck, North Dakota

Sad trans girl throws a trash party. Moonrise conversations, sonic science experiments, and the most toxic poetry the great plains has ever seen. Hail Satan!

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