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Zorznijor Tattoo on My Tongue

by Prairie Goth



My Patreon is in full swing! It’s been up for about 2 months now, with roughly 11 hours of bonus content, not including pre-release audio, or the audio archive I’m working on for Nora and the Janitors.

I’m going back in time, trying to release every recording I’ve made. Right now you can hear Universe of the Mind, and a few pieces of audio from 2005. I’m slowly releasing these recordings, mostly chronologically,  once they’re ready — and they may get updated in the future, after being released, especially in terms of album art and stuff.

Why Not Fest live audio from this year is coming soon. It’s gonna sound terrible tho.

I engineered a recording session for Zorznijor this August! Zorz is Seattle musician Johnny Unicorn’s high-volume recording project. Johnny is a miracle and Zorznijor is one of my favorite bands, which is why I got ZORZNIJOR tattooed on my tongue at Why Not Fest.

I love getting to spend a whole day with a band & their squad, and everyone was wonderful: Johnny, Naomi, Max, Ian, Jeff, Dan, Emily. Heck yeah. 👍👍

There’s a wonderful episode of the Johnny Unicorn Show that features Dan, then Jeff and Naomi join the convo.

Jeff Tapia fronts the band Rat Queen. Daniel Timothy Desrosiers is His Many Colored Fruit. DTD also destroys himself in a YouTube series called Dan and Dietrich Play Would You Rather.

Hey by the way I started taking estrogen finally!


released September 1, 2018

Thank you to my supporters over on Patreon! Extra special shoutout to the moon bunnies & witch kittens, heck yeah! Here’s to you, Karen and Jon!


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Prairie Goth Bismarck, North Dakota

Sad trans girl throws a trash party. Moonrise conversations, sonic science experiments, and the most toxic poetry the great plains has ever seen. Hail Satan!

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